Christmas Fairs

Started the Christmas Fairs last week with Exeter Cathedral, an amazing place with a wonderful atmosphere, absolutely loved it there.

Mind you every door has a passcode including the toilets, it’s a four digit number which I did write down, and then decided I could remember it.  So there’s me trundling down in the dark (evening fair) round the back of the cathedral to go to the loo, and can I remember the number – answer no. When this deep voice speaks from the darkness, can’t say as I was expecting to be spoken to from the dark especially round the back of the church,  it was the security guy dressed completely in black standing under a tree having a quick fag, (not easy to see) talk about making someone jump!!  He did very kindly remind me what the passcode was.

Next event is a local one in our lovely village of Egloskerry, then St Mellion Golf club, and Buckfast Abbey at the end of November, then December starts.

I’m now busy making bath melts, each organza bag needs to be filled with a bath melt and dried flowers, then 6 go into a bag, today I tied 200 organza bags of bath melts, still they do look pretty.

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