About Me

I am lucky enough to live in a lovely village overlooking fields in the Cornish Countryside. My log cabin where I work is in the garden, it's a great place to sit outside and listen to the birds.  If I’m not in my cabin you will usually find me in the garden, we have a very friendly robin who comes to see what I’m doing.  I have to stop work whilst he uses my boot as a viewing point to see the best bugs.

Over 20 years ago I became reactive to all sorts of chemicals, especially those used in skin care. I started researching and developing my own skincare products, from this I created Essential Creams making and selling my own hand made products.

Everything has basic names, I've discovered I’m not very good at creating fancy names for products. As the saying goes ‘It does what it says on the tin’

Essential Creams

Essential Cream products are hand made in small batches using whisks and spoons in my log cabin.

Using only high quality, beneficial, carefully sourced ingredients – fruit, vegetable oils, soothing and hydrating butters, and wonderful essential oils.

They have been designed to nurture and sink gently into the skin, soothing and deeply moisturising, without feeling greasy. Over 99% of my ingredients are edible – though eating them is not recommended!

Many people with skin sensitivities and problems, have found gentle relief from using Essential Creams products.

All ingredients are carefully sourced and sustainable.

All products are registered with the UK Portal which means each product has been tested and approved to UK/EU/international standards.

All ingredients are sourced from proven UK companies, with ethical policies.

All products are cruelty free and have never been tested on animals - just on humans.

All products are suitable for Vegetarians and most products are entirely Vegan. A few do contain beeswax, listed in the ingredients.

No products contain any (Parabens, SLS, Lanolin, Animal Products, Gluten, Artificial Fragrances)

St Michael's Mount by Roberta Blackler

I am also a member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers, click this link to view my Certificate of Membership.