All of our ingredients and packaging are sourced in the UK from reliable companies with good sustainability records.


These are over 99% natural, the vast majority of ingredients are derived from edible sources (not recommended they don’t taste very nice).


As my skin reacts to chemicals the only one used is in the preservative, which is not organic but is the gentlest preservative on the skin I have found.

Pure Essential Oils

We only use pure essential oils, the majority are either obtained through distillation or expression, a few by solvent extraction, and none by Enfleurage which can use animal fats in their making.

Animal Products

There are no animal products in our skincare range, we don’t use Lanolin and nothing is tested on Animals.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Everything is suitable for vegetarians, the lip balms, hand creams and Luxury Night Cream with Marine Algae do contain beeswax.


I do use ribbon and cardboard boxes with my products, all of which are re-usable and are re-used by customers many times. Other items are recyclable, there are no plastic bottles used.


We design and make our own labels, creating low air miles in the process.

Eco Friendly and Low Energy

Hand whisks, stainless steel saucepans, and induction hobs which are hot for a very short time, are used in the production of skincare. Resulting in a very low consumption of electrical energy, but quite a lot of physical energy.

My Workshop

Is near to my home with no travelling required.

Parcel Packaging

The parcels are cardboard, and the peanuts/packaging used for protection in the parcels is bio-degradable and derived from corn, the tape for the parcels is paper tape.