Listening and Learning

This summer I have been to a number of shows and met lots of people.  A common theme among many people is the worry of what is actually in our moisturisers and skin products and many of them have had nasty reactions to some of the ingredients.

One lady I met was allergic to aspirin, now I didn’t know that aspirin was used as a preservative in organic skin care, I have listening to people and learning a lot about people’s problems with products.

Some people have had horrific reactions and are understandably scared to use or try anything else. My making creams came about because I was reacting badly to mostly everything on the market, including hypo-allergenic creams, so I decided to buy the best ingredients I could and make some of my own.

I have been making them for over twenty years and make them in the old fashioned way with a hand whisk, and as I use good emulsifiers I don’t use Cetyl Alcohol which I find makes creams sticky, the skin absorbs the creams quite quickly.

I do love the smell of making creams, its the last bit when you start mixing all those wonderful essential oils together, they just smell yummy!!

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