Won an Award at the 2018 International Beauty Shortlist

Essential Creams won an award  ‘Editors Choice’

I decided to enter the Luxury Day cream with Rose, and was delighted to win the ‘Editors Choice’. It was a bit daunting when you look at the entries and realise they are international with companies from America and most of Europe. Up against them is my hand made cream produced  in my workroom with saucepans and whisks, with out any machinery.

The Luxury Day cream is proving to be one of my most popular creams, it’s light on the skin with the blends of Passionflower and Macadamia oils, and at the same time incredibly rich and moisturising. With the combination of Rose, Geranium Rose, Frankincense, Rosewood and Palmarosa essential oils, all so good for the skin and giving you that wonderful calming and uplifting feeling at the same time, making it a very special cream.




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