New for 2018 – Zinc Creams

Zinc Creams so gentle they are suitable for babies

For years I have used zinc creams on my skin, but have disliked the fact they are usually made with petrochemicals.  So I decided to create my own recipe using gentle anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as cocoa and mango butters, and good old fashioned castor oil, with calming Calendula.  I was delighted when the chemist passed them suitable for babies.

Zinc has many nutritional benefits for the skin, including retaining moisture, and helping to reduce inflammation associated with rashes and irritation, improves wound healing, has an anti-bacterial affect by forming a barrier on the skin, and promotes synthesis of collagen forming new connective tissue aiding in the healing of the skin.

I am really pleased with the new zinc creams, I find the best way to use them is to alternate them with a moisturiser either simple moisturiser or the simple butter, the fragrance free zinc cream and simple moisturiser are on a special offer of £9.00 for the two.

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